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How We Give Back

At Waterworks Irrigation, we believe it is our responsibility to give back to our communities. We are committed to positively impacting Greater Victoria by supporting many local organizations and initiatives.

One of our primary areas of focus is environmental sustainability. We recognize the importance of protecting and preserving our natural resources and are proud to support organizations and initiatives that share this goal. From local conservation groups to regional eco-initiatives, we are committed to investing in the health and sustainability of our environment.

We also support local sports teams and organizations, recognizing athletics’ important role in promoting health, teamwork, and community spirit. By sponsoring local teams and events, we are proud to help foster community and support for our neighbours.

At Waterworks Irrigation, we are committed to positively impacting our community. We constantly seek new opportunities to get involved and support local initiatives that align with our values. Please contact us if you have a project or initiative you think we should be involved in.

Shelbourne Community Kitchen

Why we support this cause

The Shelbourne Community Kitchen is a warm and welcoming neighbourhood food centre, located in Saanich B.C. Through their many programs and services, they work to lower barriers to healthy food for families and individuals who are living on low income in the local community.

We believe in community members helping community members, and have donated and installed water meters in their community garden which help track water usage, to ensure water is being used efficiently.

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Other Contributions

George Jay Elementary School Irrigation Initiative:

Our team recently completed a significant donation initiative for George Jay Elementary School’s community garden, supplying a comprehensive irrigation system and the required labor to install it. This project was driven by our belief that practical education forms the foundation for a sustainable future and plays a crucial role in ensuring food security. Previously, hand-watering in the community garden was a time-consuming process that required greater efficiency. However, with the new automated irrigation system, students now have more time to engage with the deeper aspects of gardening and botany. By installing this irrigation system, we not only demonstrate our commitment to nurturing the curiosity of young learners and promoting their interest in the environment but also contribute to the vital aspect of food security. The system serves as a practical tool that enables hands-on learning, fosters an understanding of plant life, and addresses the community’s need for sustainable food production.

This donation initiative fills us with pride as we’ve provided an invaluable resource to enhance the students’ educational journey and contribute to the community’s food security. As the students interact with the new irrigation system in the community garden, they will gain knowledge not just about plants but also about responsibility, sustainability, and the importance of food security. These are lessons that we hope will resonate with them far beyond their time at George Jay Elementary School.

BC Aviation Museum:

We take great pride in our community involvement, which is why we forged a meaningful partnership with the esteemed BC Aviation Museum. Through our collaboration, we have donated crucial parts and dedicated our skilled labour to meticulously maintain the museum’s exterior and enhance the captivating attractions within its walls. By wholeheartedly supporting the BC Aviation Museum, we actively contribute to preserving our community’s rich history and cherished heritage, ensuring that future generations can marvel at the remarkable feats of aviation that have shaped our collective identity.

She Trains:

As a company deeply committed to promoting inclusivity and empowering young athletes, we are thrilled to announce our proud sponsorship of She Trains—an exceptional local comprehensive soccer training program exclusively designed for talented young women. Our partnership with She Trains goes beyond financial support; it symbolizes our unwavering dedication to breaking down gender barriers and fostering an environment where every aspiring female athlete can thrive. By aligning ourselves with She Trains, we aim to uplift and empower young women, providing them equal opportunities to excel, develop their skills, and reach their highest potential on and off the field.

Together, we are igniting a powerful movement for gender equity and ensuring that the next generation of female athletes can claim their rightful place in the world of sports while inspiring countless others to dream big and rewrite the rules of the game.

Victoria Conservatory of Music:

Recognizing the importance of supporting during challenging times, Waterworks Irrigation eagerly offered assistance. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, including drone videography, we collaborated with the Victoria Conservatory of Music. With state-of-the-art drones, we captured mesmerizing aerial footage, blending nature’s botanical wonders with the talented musicians’ enchanting melodies. But our contribution didn’t stop there. With our videography expertise, we meticulously curated and combined the footage into a captivating virtual tour. Every frame was fine-tuned to reflect the warmth, joy, and enchantment of the Mother’s Day Musical Garden Tour. Our collective efforts turned a challenge into an innovative opportunity. The virtual tour transcended physical limitations, reaching a wider audience. Families embarked on a magical journey through the Victoria Conservatory of Music’s gardens, savoring music’s beauty from the comfort of their homes.

Our partnership with the Victoria Conservatory of Music exemplifies our commitment to community resilience and creative problem-solving. By supporting local organizations, we preserve traditions and strengthen bonds during adversity. Together, we showcased the power of music, innovation, and collaboration, leading to hope, inspiration, and a brighter future for all.

Blenkinsop Mini Golf:

In an exciting collaboration, we partnered with Blenkinsop Valley Driving Range to revitalize their beloved mini-golf course. Our expertise and dedicated efforts brought new life to this community attraction, providing essential parts and labor. Together, we embarked on an ambitious goal to enhance every aspect of the mini-golf course. With meticulous craftsmanship, we created new greens and conceptualized unique courses, offering challenges and imaginative themes for all ages. Through our collaboration, the mini-golf course transformed into a vibrant haven for friends and families to gather and make lasting memories. The fusion of our landscape design expertise and their passion resulted in a revitalized course that exceeds expectations.

The renewed mini-golf course reflects our shared commitment to the community, providing an inviting space for leisure and enjoyment. Every element, from the crafted greens to the playful courses, ensures an immersive and thrilling experience. As the Blenkinsop Mini Golf course reopens, we take pride in breathing new life into this cherished attraction. Our collaboration showcases the power of teamwork and our dedication to enhancing spaces where joyful moments are created. Together, we have reinvented a community gem, inviting all to embark on a memorable mini-golf adventure.

Urban Food Garden Tour:

We proudly support the Urban Food Garden Tour, empowering self-sustainability and cultivating bountiful harvests in compact spaces. Our sponsorship reflects our commitment to healthy, sustainable lifestyles and local business prosperity. The tour combines innovation, education, and environmental stewardship, offering an unparalleled experience for participants of all ages. Beyond traditional gardening, it showcases ingenious methods like vertical gardening and sustainable resource utilization. Size doesn’t hinder abundant harvests.

Through our sponsorship, we champion self-sufficiency, ecological consciousness, and local empowerment, inspiring sustainable living and reimagining food relationships. Our support extends to local businesses, fostering economic growth and collaboration. By spotlighting them during the tour, we reinforce mutual support and a sustainable ecosystem. The Urban Food Garden Tour creates a healthier, sustainable future. Our sponsorship nurtures a community dedicated to self-sustainability, knowledge-sharing, and environmental preservation. Together, we sow seeds of change for resilient growth.

Islanders Curling:

Waterworks Irrigation proudly supports local sports teams, including the remarkable Islanders Curling team in Greater Victoria. As they compete in the World Curling Tour, our sponsorship showcases their talent and represents British Columbia at the Canadian Men’s Nationals. Beyond the competition, our sponsorship fosters community unity, inspiring athletes and curling enthusiasts. We celebrate dedication, sportsmanship, and perseverance, highlighting the potential for greatness within our community.

Through Islanders Curling, we build connections and create lasting memories that strengthen bonds among neighbors, friends, and families. Sponsoring local sports teams reflects our commitment to community well-being and prosperity. It promotes health, teamwork, and community spirit, shaping character and fostering unity. As Islanders Curling represents British Columbia, we stand with them, celebrating their achievements and supporting their journey. Together, we leave an indelible mark on the curling world, united in achieving greatness through sportsmanship and community support.