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Community Engagement & Donations

Touching Lives, One Community at A Time

At Waterworks Irrigation, we do a little more than just landscaping, installing irrigation systems, building custom water features, and calling it a day. We believe in giving back to the communities from which we emerged and empowering as many people as we can so nobody is left behind as we all thrive and grow together.

We Are Driven by The Passion To Make Lives Better

We do not just give for the sake of giving. We find joy in the sense of purpose and rewarding experience that comes with dedicating our time and the little funds that we can to impart a positive change in the lives of the people in our community.

Our ethos as a landscape, irrigation and custom water feature installation company has always revolved around helping people build their paradise and create an environment they enjoy living in.

While our engagements, donations, and work in kind may not create the perfect paradise for our whole community, they may help make a few lives a little easier and warm the hearts of those touched knowing there are people right behind them, giving them unwavering support.

How We Are Giving Back to Our Community

1Up Victoria Single Parent Resource Centre

We envision a brighter future in our community and beyond, and the best way to bring this vision to fruition is by investing in our youth. One such organization that will enable us to spearhead our cause is the 1Up Victoria Single Parent Resource Centre.

“The 1Up Victoria Single Parent Resource Centre empowers single-parent families, giving them a chance to mold, enlighten and provide for their children so they can have a promising future. “

They also help single parents work towards self-worth, confidence, moving past trauma, and more while creating a community where they can share their parenting and life experiences. As a result, they can be there for each other while giving their children the gift of a happy childhood.

Why We Believe in 1Up Victoria Single Parent Resource Centre’s Cause

What stands out to us the most is the fact their organization goes beyond giving single parents financial support and access to resources. They created a community where they can come together and support each other in a non-judgemental environment so they can realize self-actualization and create a positive, nurturing atmosphere that inspires their children to grow.

Waterworks Irrigation also admires how they are breaking society’s biases by including single fathers in their programs, and the way they accommodate each parent’s differences as they respond to the dynamic nature of their needs. We have confidence in their parenting educational programs, and how they go a long way in helping single parents raise their children.

All these attributes combined go a long way in negating most of the disadvantages children raised by single parents’ face. We believe this helps children experience the power of their parents’ presence as they draw from their strengths and work hard and them move towards a more promising future.

Other Ways We’ve Contributed

George Jay Elementary Irrigation

drip irrigation for vegetables

Aviation museum

partial donation for irrigation instal l

Blenkinsop mini golf

partial donation

She Trains

Monetary donation

Victoria Conservatory of Music

Drone services, videography, photography, and editing for this years Virtual Garden Tour

Urban Food Garden Tour

Monetary donation

She Trains


Beyond our Future

We look forward to expanding our reach and touching more lives in our community by supporting more charities and causes as we play our part in creating a better tomorrow for our youth in a sustainable environment.