Top 5 Signs Your Sprinkler System Needs A Repair

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As the summer kicks in, your sprinkler systems need to be ready to work overtime in dry and hot conditions. However, a seemingly trivial issue can often result in significant damage to both your sprinkler system and, consequently, your landscape, leaving you with a massive dent in your wallet. This calls for an early irrigation system check-up and maintenance to take care of any problems before you start using it.

But how can you tell if your sprinkler system needs a fix? Let us take a look at the sprinkler components that are more prone to damage and the signs you should look out for!

Top 5 Signs That Indicate Your Sprinkler System Needs a Repair:

While it’s easy to ignore seemingly trivial issues regarding sprinkler systems, the problem can be much more than it looks on the surface.

Low Water Pressure

The water pressure in your sprinkler unit isn’t as straightforward to regulate as it is in a bathroom plumbing fixture. So if the water doesn’t flow with the proper pressure, speed, or intensity from sprinkler heads, your best course of action is calling a professional.

You can quickly tell if a sprinkler system has low pressure by uneven watering. It usually leaves certain regions of your lawn either underwatered or overwatered. This results in discoloration in some areas and swampy conditions in others.

Moreover, suppose your sprinkler system isn’t operating with accurate pressure. In that case, it can also be a sign that your valves or even sprinkler heads are damaged.


A leaky irrigation system is not only inconvenient, but it also comes with a spike in your water bill. Water lost due to leaks and drips shows that a pipe underground has cracked or burst. Not taking care of this problem in time may result in your pipers getting damaged further, increasing your repair costs. Moreover, water will be collected in specific portions of your yard, resulting in muddy and marshy conditions, while other parts of your yard dry out and die due to a lack of moisture.

Outrageous Water Bills

Suppose you’ve been running your sprinklers longer than usual and still aren’t getting the green results you want. In that case, it’s possible that a component of your irrigation system isn’t working correctly or has sustained structural damage.

It is, therefore, crucial to have your sprinkler system examined and diagnosed for repairs early on to save money and safeguard the value of your outside property.

Spurting Sprinkler Heads

If your sprinkler appears to be spurting water rather than sending out a constant stream of water droplets, it’s time to inspect the sprinkler heads. Sputtering sprinkler heads are often the result of material blocking the system, or even a broken valve or a shattered sprinkler head.

Discoloured Patches On Your Yard

If you find that specific portions of your yard are turning yellow or brown, likely, your sprinkler system isn’t providing them with enough water. The reason can be leaking valves or congested sprinkler heads, or perhaps something wrong with the underground irrigation system. Either way, you may need a professional to take a closer look.

Specific Sprinkler Zones Not Starting Up

While sprinkler irrigation issues are mainly caused by worn-out, damaged and clogged components, electrical hiccups can also cause zone-specific problems that require recalibrating. For example, suppose certain zones of your sprinkler systems don’t start up or function properly. In that case, a sprinkler system repair specialist might need to look at your control unit and electrical wiring.

Sprinkler System Components Most Likely To Get Damaged

A lot of sprinkler system problems result from damaged components that will need to be repaired or replaced in most cases. Here are tell-tale components you should keep an eye on.


When the system can’t be turned on or off, more than often, it’s a sign of valve damage. Debris in the valve, a rip in the diaphragm, faulty wiring, or burned-out solenoids might cause this problem.

Heads of rotors

Sprinklers will eventually wear out. Gear drives and seals weaken and break over time, causing the gears to stop spinning. At times, newly placed sprinkler heads can also “tilt” due to lawnmowers and moist soil, resulting in uneven water distribution.


Nozzles impact precipitation rates or how quickly water is administered to a specific area.
Debris entering the irrigation system, a polluted water source, and normal wear and tear contribute to clogged or damaged nozzles.

Electrical wiring

Wiring is highly susceptible to rodents, underground construction, or utility work. Therefore, it is essential to constantly inspect the wiring to determine any potential threats to the system.


Pipes can be damaged by workers using shovels or construction equipment, resulting in leaking. Excessive freezes and thaws, tree roots growing through lines, faulty installation, high pressure, and normal aging are other causes of damage.

Looks Like Your Sprinkler System Is Faulty? Here Is What You Can Expect

While some damages may seem pretty obvious, you may be surprised to discover hidden issues with your sprinkler system. Either way, a good sprinkler system repair expert will thoroughly inspect your entire system and determine whether components need to be repaired or replaced.

The first step they may take is running your sprinkler system, and once they have a clear idea of your problem, the next step is removing all water from your system.

If you have a leaking problem, the sprinkler repair expert may dig around the damaged pipelines using small shovels to access them. However, suppose the problem is related to components above ground level. In that case, they will not have to excavate parts of your yard.

Once all repairs are done, they will run your system to see if it’s working properly and perform any necessary fixes if required.

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