What Are The Advantages Of Sprinkler Irrigation?

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The popularity of sprinkler irrigation systems has been increasing exponentially over the past decades, and justifiably so. They effectively address the problem of saving water for a more sustainable future and solve the woes of pricy water bills while keeping your plants happy.

However, that’s not all sprinkler irrigation system installations have to offer! So, to further enlighten you, let us delve deeper into what sprinkler irrigation systems are, their pros and cons, and find out if they are the right choice for you.

What is a Sprinkler Irrigation System and How Does it Work?

Sprinkler irrigation systems work in a way similar to rain. In fact, they were inspired by natural rainfall!

Water is pumped through a network of pipes before being transformed into minute droplets sprayed into the air by sprinklers. This disperses the water, evenly distributing it across the targeted zone.

Depending on how big your target area is, you can choose a sprinkler system that pumps out water to a certain distance from the spray nozzle to maximize your coverage. Moreover, you can adjust the range of your sprinkler system by adjusting the angle, allowing you to spray one side of your yard or in a complete revolution!

What Are the Advantages of Sprinkler Systems?

Beyond maintaining healthy, lush greenery on your property to enhance its visuals and aesthetic appeal, sprinkler irrigation systems come with several advantages worth taking the plunge for. Here are some of them.


We’re pretty sure physically watering your plants and lawn multiple times a week is not your favorite chore. However, you can easily ensure that your plants get the moisture they need at the flip of a switch with sprinkler systems. It becomes even more convinitent with automatic sprinkler systems that allow you to cut off the water supply in some regions of your landscape or even set up a time that starts or stops your system.


A sprinkler system is both inexpensive and easy to set up. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on manpower. A correctly programmed and timed irrigation system, in combination with well-matched sprinkler heads and hoses by plant zone, can help residential and commercial property owners save money on water as well as energy.

Keep Your Plants Healthy

Another major advantage of sprinkler irrigation systems is making it easier to water your plants at the most appropriate times of the day. As a result, you will give them the right amount of moisture they require.

The best time to water a lawn is early in the morning before sunrise. The experts say it helps prevent excessive water evaporation while giving lawns and gardens more time to absorb the moisture they require.

However, with sprinkler systems, you don’t have to wake up with a hose in hand at the crack of dawn. Instead, you can easily program your sprinklers to turn on early in the morning without having to get out of bed!

Reducing Water Wastage

Sprinkler irrigation systems can deliver the exact quantity of water needed for each zone of your lawn and garden. This is possible by using rain and moisture sensors, eliminating your guesswork. Furthermore, because overwatering may be just as harmful as lack of water to certain plants, the ability to automate and control is an advantage that should not be overlooked. Apart from this, a sprinkler system is suitable for almost all soil types, making it a perfect choice for your lawn or garden.

Smart Options

Suppose you’re tired of keeping a constant eye on your lawn and manually operating a water hose to keep your lawn hydrated. In that case, a smart sprinkler irrigation system might just be the perfect solution for you! Smart sprinkler systems allow you to control your entire irrigation system from your mobile phone and control the quantity of water you need in certain zones.

The best part? Smart sprinkler systems enabled with the latest AI are pretty intelligent. When it rains too much or too little, automated features detect this and change the amount of water applied to your landscaping. As a result, you can quickly minimize your plant watering efforts while eliminating costs incurred from overwatering.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Installing A Sprinkler Irrigation System

While investing in a sprinkler system comes with several advantages that make watering your lawn less of a tedious task, here are things to consider before taking the big step.

Sprinkler System Layout

To ensure that your lawn and plants are evenly watered, you have to determine the best positions to place your sprinkler heads. Moreover, tree roots may interfere with your sprinkler lines and heads in the future if your layout is not appropriately planned.
Luckily for you, a professional sprinkler system installer can help make the process easier.


Sprinkler systems must be connected to outdoor fixtures to make it possible for them to supply water to your plants. If you do not have one, you will need to contact a plumber to install it or talk to your sprinkler system installer beforehand.
Your sprinkler irrigation system control units have to be connected to an active power source to make it possible to run them. Therefore, the control units are typically placed in garages or utility rooms.


During colder months, your sprinkler irrigation system has to be completely drained of water to ensure that it does not burst when water within the pipes freezes and expands. It will also require start-up in the spring to make adjustments or replace damaged parts before running it after winter.

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