How to Winterize Your Water Feature

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If you want your water feature running all year, you need to follow simple steps. First, drain the water feature, including the central basin. Drain the plumbing lines. This will keep pipes freezing up during the winter. Secondly, apply a granular contact algaecide.

Precautions to take

Depending on the type of water feature, several precautions can be taken when winterizing it. For example, you should always drain the central basin and any plumbing lines. This will help prevent any water from freezing and cracking the foundation of your water feature.

While it’s possible to leave your water feature running for a few weeks in milder climates, most water features are best disassembled and stored indoors. This will prevent damage to the water pump and plumbing. This can save you time and money. Also, if you live in a temperate climate, you’ll need to remove the filter liners.

Covering your water feature

Depending on your climate, you may be able to leave your water feature running during the winter months. This can produce spectacular ice formations. To avoid this issue, you should cover your water feature before winter begins. You should also disconnect your pump and remove any water from your water feature. Once this is done, cover the water feature completely. Covering your water feature can help protect your investment and avoid expensive repairs.

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Using GreenClean

If you’re preparing to close your outdoor water feature for the winter, you need to winterize it properly. The first step is clearing away debris. You can do this by vacuuming or pressure washing it.

The next step is to drain the water feature. This ensures your water feature won’t break during winter. During the winter, a water feature can be a beautiful sight.

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Using a granular contact algaecide

As the cold weather sets in, it’s essential to winterize your water feature before the first frost. Removing plants and cleaning debris from the bottom of your pump vault is also necessary. Then apply a water-activated granular contact algaecide.

Algae can still accumulate even if you don’t have fish, leaves, or other organic debris. Beneficial bacteria can help clean the water and feed on string algae.

Using a fountain cover

The winter months can be harsh for water features, so protecting them from water accumulation is important. You can protect them with a fountain cover. Fountain covers are available in various sizes and should be tied securely to keep the water out. Without a cover, snow melt can accumulate and permanently damage your fountain. Since the concrete used in fountains is porous, water can quickly freeze and cause cracks in the stone. It can also split the fountain’s vessel.

A fountain cover can be made of tarpaulin or polyester-coated PVC. If you don’t want to buy a cover, you can use an old bath towel, burlap, or other dry fabric. A fabric cover will prevent water from freezing and expanding against the water fountain bowl, leading to damage and delays next spring.

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Turning off your water feature

If you’ve got a water feature in your yard, you may be tempted to leave it on during the winter. The freezing temperatures can cause cracks in rocks and stones in fountains, streams, and other water features. Winterization is essential to prevent damage, even if you don’t have a pond or a water feature with bubbling rocks.

You’ll also need to drain water from your water feature’s plumbing lines, and you’ll want to disconnect your water feature’s power source. This will prevent water from freezing inside the pipes, leading to costly damage.


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