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Drone Services

We’ve always been committed to delivering the most comprehensive, cutting-edge solutions to address your irrigation needs at Waterworks Irrigation. We’re excited to announce our latest service addition – Drone Services. Stepping into the future, we’re embracing the potential of unmanned aerial vehicle technology to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of our operations. As a full-service irrigation company, we understand the complexities of maintaining optimal irrigation systems. Our new drone services will revolutionize how we inspect and maintain these systems.

Our drones offer the advantage of reaching otherwise inaccessible areas, making system inspection quicker and safer. The advanced cameras equipped on our drones can capture high-resolution images and videos, offering our team a detailed, bird’s-eye view of the entire irrigation system. This technology allows us to identify and troubleshoot potential issues more accurately and rapidly than ever before, resulting in minimal downtime and maximized system efficiency.

Moreover, drone technology is not limited to just system inspections. Our drones can also create stunning aerial photographs and videos of your property. Whether you wish to document the transformation of your landscape, market your property, or simply capture the beauty of your space from an elevated perspective, our drone services can provide you with high-quality, professional imagery.

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Our Core Values:

Inspection and Maintenance

Drones can inspect irrigation systems for leaks, damage, and other problems. This can help to prevent costly repairs and water waste. Drones can also be used to maintain irrigation systems by adjusting sprinkler heads and valves.

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Aerial Photos and Videos

Drones can be used to create aerial photos and videos of your property.

This can be used for various purposes, such as marketing your property, planning a renovation, or simply capturing the beauty of your home.

Our Drone Services include:

  • Comprehensive Aerial Inspection of Irrigation Systems
  • Efficient and Accurate Troubleshooting
  • Regular Maintenance and Monitoring
  • Creation of High-Resolution Aerial Photos and Videos
  • Property Documentation and Marketing Material Development

With the introduction of our drone services, we are excited to propel our service quality to new heights. Our drone services merge innovation with practicality, offering an advanced, efficient, and reliable solution to all your irrigation system needs and beyond.

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Our Work Speaks for Itself

Very professional and obliging. Pleasant to deal with.

Barry and Christine Partridge

This is a great company that takes care of the admin tasks by scheduling regular users via email to get both the spring prep and fall shut down organized tasks as well as reconfiguring the water lines as the garden changes etc. They are timely, professional and a good addition to our maintaining our home and yard. And their staff seems to stay with them, always a good sign.

Susan Brison

[The Waterworks] team is excellent. On time, only explained what I needed once and it was done to perfection.


The team at Waterworks has been nothing short of spectacular.  Every question answered, every problem tended to and never have we waited more than a few hours for a response and always someone has been here within 24 hours at the longest!  They are always willing to help and answer questions and have walked us through the operation of our system more than once!  To all of you there…thank you! Each and every one of you has been friendly, personable and knowledgeable.  After hearing so many disaster stories from other people we feel so lucky to have you in our corner.

Alex and Chris

Worked with Jason and his team. Very professional service combined with a friendly, pleasant attitude. Our property was left tidy and clean after each work day. Would highly recommend this company!


Awesome job, just can’t say thank you enough from quick return messages with in five minutes every time to putting us on calendar faster then we would have thought. Setting  up to up and running in no time. Will tell everyone to call or email this company first and you won’t need to call anyone else

Mike Hill

You all run an incredibly professional company. We were really impressed with the team here, Ryan was great for the upfront planning, and Sebastian was really approachable and answered all our questions on site. Amazing!


A real pleasure working with you guys, and thanks for getting the front job done so quickly!

Your guys are great, professional, quick, tidy and friendly. Will definitely recommend you to friends.

All the best and thanks again! My garden thanks you too!

Jane McElligott

Had some damage done to a control box and supply lines as a result of some wayward tree management ?…Sebastian and Ken were able to juggle their schedule and get me back up and running within 24 hrs…outstanding customer service.They were once again very helpful and knowledgeable…highly recommend this company!

D Pettinger

A huge thank you to Ryan for coming out to check the irrigation system at St. Barnabas on short notice!
Great team at Waterworks!

I love the service I get for my home!


Unbeatable service, Sebastian has taken care of any problems in our Strata’s irrigation system. Can strongly recommend Waterworks Irrigation for dependable, fast and knowledgeable service.

Colin Runnals

We were looking for a company to come and fine tune our irrigation system , as we hadn’t had it done in a few years. Ryan responded to my online inquiry immediately ( lots don’t ) He had Sebastian and his assistant come out and check all of our lawn and garden heads and then provided us a written report and estimate to upgrade / repair the system. Very professional, great communication and knowledgeable technicians !! I highly recommend them for any sprinkler upgrade / repair work.

D. Pettinger