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Irrigation Maintenance

We provide maintenance and repair services, even after hours!

Irrigation Service and Maintenance

Maintenance & Repair

Spring Start-up


DVCA Testing

Maintenance & Repair

Our trained professionals take pride in our work and will help you get the most out of your outdoor space. Waterworks provides maintenance and repair services on a variety of irrigation and water systems, even after hours! Emergency leak? Waterworks provides 24-hour emergency service calls for technical issues and repairs.

Spring Start-up

When spring comes, you’ll want your sprinkler or irrigation system to be running correctly. Waterworks has the experience and the expertise to know if your system is running correctly and can spot any potential problems that could be costly down the road. Waterworks technicians are trained in maintaining different types of controllers.

After clearing irrigation lines with your irrigation water supply, the control panel is the first step in a spring start-up checklist, with maintenance including battery pack replacements and programming the system to start being in use again. Our technicians will also do any required repairs including leaks in the system, non-rotating sprinkler heads, clogged pipes and nozzles, broken parts, power interruption issues, valve leakage and non-functioning sensors. A Spring Start Up service is vital to keeping your sprinkler system running efficiently and making your lawn look its best.


Your sprinkler system requires that you winterize it when the cold weather comes, so that it doesn’t freeze and break or crack. Trust the professionals at Waterworks to ensure that it is done correctly. Winterizing is more than shutting off the water, it requires completely removing all of the water with compressed air and turning the water supply off completely so that it doesn’t return to the system until spring. Get Waterworks professional expertise and experience with shutdown service this winter.

DCVA Testing

We’ll handle your Double Check Valve Assembly (DCVA) and back flow testing giving you the peace of mind that your system is up to code. Waterworks will handle all paper work necessary and submit to the CRD giving you a worry-free experience.

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