The Perks of Installing a Drip Irrigation System

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Drip irrigation has gained momentum among farming and gardening communities over the past few years. While this type of micro-irrigation system appears to do the bare minimum, it has more to it than what meets the eye, including cost-effectiveness and water conservation.
However, before we explore the benefits of installing a drip irrigation system, let us take a quick look at how it works.

What is Drip Irrigation?

Drip irrigation, which is also referred to as trickling irrigation, provides water to the crop root zone slowly and regularly. Simply put, drip irrigation is the process of steadily distributing water to plants at ground level.

This irrigation system aims to water your plants directly from the roots rather than spray them on their surfaces. As a result, your plants will receive an optimum amount of moisture content in one specific area, keeping them healthy and luscious.

Drip irrigation can be used on lawns, golf courses, home gardens, nurseries, city balconies, rooftops, decks, and more. This makes it suitable for residential and commercial use.

What Types Of Drip Irrigation Systems Are Out There?

Trickle or drip irrigation systems are classified into four categories based on the type of emitters they have to control the quantity and rate of water discharge.

Point-source emitters

Also known as drip bubblers, point source drip irrigation systems are specifically designed for shrubs, trees, native plants and, containers where wide or random spacing is required.

In-line drip emitters

These drip irrigation systems are ideal for watering continuous rows of plants, narrow plantings, and kitchen gardens.

Basin bubblers

These systems are generally used in lawns and gardens when there is no nearby drainage main pipe.

Micro spray sprinkler

It is a low-pressure and low-to-medium volume irrigation system best suited for high-value crops in farms.

Emitters come in different shapes, sizes, and internal designs depending on the purpose they are intended for. The significant advantage is that you get to choose how much water you give to each plant, depending on its moisture requirements. This not only prevents overwatering but also eliminates the need for you to physically water your plants, saving you time.

Advantages of a Drip Irrigation System

With water supplies dwindling and water costs rising, drip irrigation systems have never been more in demand. Why, you may ask? Let us break it down for you.

Significantly Decreases The Wastage of Water

Drip irrigation systems usually use half the amount of water to keep your plants hydrated compared to conventional overhead sprinklers. This is because your plants are watered at the roots. As a result, by directly targeting the root zone, water isn’t wasted on areas that won’t benefit the plant.

Moreover, while irrigation methods only supply about 70% of moisture to the soil, drip irrigation systems deliver 20% more. This also decreases the amount of water your plants lose due to evaporation.

Highly Cost-Effective

Drip irrigation can save up to 50% of the energy you need to power your typical irrigation system. Compared to its high-pressure, high-energy competitors, it also boosts water efficiency by 40-70%. As a result, you can look forward to significantly cutting down on your water and energy utility bills.

Improved Plant Health

Drip irrigation lets water seep into the soil deeply and gently, supplying much-needed moisture to the roots. The method ensures consistent watering, which results in healthier plants.
Moreover, these systems keep the leaves dry, reducing the risk of powdery mildew and other diseases that thrive in damp environments. By spreading water directly around the blossoms, they also starve weed seeds and lower their germination chances.

Saves Time

Unlike traditional watering methods, you don’t have to drag sprinklers and hoses to water your garden from one place to another. Instead, they are strategically positioned on the ground and fixed depending on your plant watering needs. Moreover, you can install a smart timer to automatically start your system and stop it based on the times you set.

Simple Design

A drip irrigation system is straightforward to operate scale up. It can also be easily upgraded by adding fittings, accessories, and smart devices for remote control.

Seamless appearance

With a drip irrigation system, you can readily conceal the pipes with foliage or organic mulch to reduce aesthetic concerns. This will make your yard look more appealing and compliment your garden decor.

The Bottom Line: Drip Irrigation Equals Smart Irrigation

Drip irrigation systems are by far one of the most efficient, affordable, and effective irrigation systems available. Moreover, they allow you to hydrate your plants when required and at the rates necessary for optimum growth. Apart front this, it also keeps the soil at a healthy moisture level, allowing your plants to thrive.

However, while a drip irrigation system is an excellent choice for smart irrigation, not installing one properly, let alone choosing the right one, can quickly turn your investment into a disaster waiting to happen.

At Waterworks Irrigation, we make this process easier for you. Our drip irrigation installation experts will help you choose the right system and components. Moreover, we will strategically plan its layout and install it to ensure that your plants get the hydration they need.

With years of expertise under our belt, you can count on us to deliver quality drip irrigation installation services. Ready to upgrade your plant watering routine? Connect with us today!