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Considering Winterizing Your Sprinkler System?

At Waterworks Irrigation, we provide the best-in-class sprinkler winterization services in Victoria BC, allowing you to protect your sprinkler system during the freezing winter times.

We Make Your Home Sprinkler System Last Longer

Let us ensure the longevity of your valuable home irrigation system installation with our all-inclusive sprinkler winterization services, tailored to your requirements.

Sprinkler Winterization Services

Switching off your sprinkler system during winter is not enough, especially when the frost starts to creep in. When the water in your pipelines freezes, it expands resulting in cracks and fractures that will cause leakages and cost you big amounts in repairs.

Our team will blow out water from your sprinkler system using highly compressed air to completely flush out your pipes while ensuring that no water flows back in. As a result, when winter sets in, your home sprinkler system will be protected.


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Sprinkler De-Winterization Services

Running your sprinkler system on full blast after the cold season can do more damage than good. What you need is a professional to restart your sprinklers correctly while ensuring that your sprinkler heads, underground pipes and other components do not burst or sustain irreparable damage.

Our team will help you prepare your sprinkler system for your landscape greenery’s next blooming cycle. We will thoroughly inspect your sprinkler system and run it gradually to ensure that water flows through it without causing damage to your pipelines when you restart it. Our experts will then program your timer to local CRD restitutions. Finally, we’ll provide an email report with suggestions for improvements.


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Sprinkler System Repair & Maintenance

Let us keep your sprinkler system operating at its peak. We perform thorough inspections during your sprinkler winterization process and take note of problem areas that need attention.

Once you are ready to restart your system after the cold season, our Victoria sprinkler winterization experts will perform all the necessary repairs to ensure that it runs smoothly. From repairing fractured pipes and replacing damaged components to carrying out routine maintenance, we will ensure that your sprinkler system runs efficiently all year round.


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